Buffalo Technology Deploys Smart Signs in Retail Stores

Buffalo Technology First To Deploy MediaTile “Smart Signs” In Retail Stores

MediaTile Breakthrough Makes Networked Digital Signs Affordable For Mass Deployments

CES, LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2005 – The MediaTile Company today announced that Buffalo Technology, a world leading provider of wireless network equipment, storage solutions and memory products, is the world’s first manufacturer (brand) to deploy MediaTile “smart signs” in retail stores. The MediaTile solution enables Buffalo to communicate directly with hundreds of thousands of consumers at the retail shelf without having to deploy in-store technology infrastructure. MediaTile provides a cellular-based digital signage solution that only requires power at the shelf. MediaTile eliminates the need for costly and complex in-store IT infrastructure required to receive, schedule and play digital promotional content.

After a successful in-store test at a Fry’s Electronics retail outlet in San Jose, CA, Buffalo Technology will deploy MediaTile devices in all their end-cap locations in 30 Fry’s Electronic stores across the U.S in Q105. Buffalo’s MediaTile deployment marks the beginning of a new era of cellular digital signage solutions in retail that are vastly more affordable and easier for brands, retailers and narrowcasters than conventional electronic signs or point-of-sale displays.

'We chose the MediaTile solution because it provides us with a tremendous competitive advantage,” said Morikazu Sano, vice president of product marketing and public relations, Buffalo Technology. “We now have a virtual ‘digital salesman’ right at the shelf, telling consumers about our products. And, if we need to change or update our message, we can do so at will. Prior to the MediaTile solution, we had absolutely no way of deploying networked digital signage at the shelf.”

Using MediaTile solutions, brands, retailers and narrowcasters can gain all the advantages of networked digital signs without spending millions of dollars to deploy, manage and maintain complex in-store technology infrastructure. These advantages include:

Attracting and influencing consumer purchase decisions with video directly at the shelf Delivering updated video content to thousands of stores with the click of a button Reacting quickly to changing market conditions and competitive offerings. “Buffalo Technology’s use of the MediaTile solution represents a new direction in the market for networked digital signage solutions,” said Keith Kelsen, president and CEO of The MediaTile Company. “We have eliminated the number one barrier to the adoption of networked digital signage for brands and retailers – in-store technology infrastructure. Our Zero-IT-infrastructure (ZITI) architecture incorporates cellular data services that enable our customers to deploy network digital signage virtually anywhere, while saving them millions on installation and maintenance fees.”

The MediaTile cellular digital signage solution employs a unique combination of technologies. MediaTiles are smart signs that integrate three fundamental components: a flat-panel LCD or plasma screen, on-board data storage and intelligence to schedule and play content, and integrated cellular data networking services. Each MediaTile communicates through Verizon’s cellular data network directly with a central data center environment where master schedules are created, and content is uploaded and approved for delivery to each MediaTile smart sign by either the retailer or the brand.

The overall environment that controls the scheduling and delivery of content to MediaTile “smart signs” is the MediaCast System. Retailers and Brands interact and control their content, in-store scheduling, and updates with their own MediaCast secure Web portal environment. For example, Buffalo can now upload digital video content quickly and easily, schedule playtimes for this content on an aggregated basis, on a store-by-store basis, or on a device-by-device basis. The system also includes built-in health monitoring and alerts, and ongoing automatic maintenance for each MediaTile “smart sign”.

A Promotional Breakthrough for Manufacturers (“Brands”): The MediaTile solution delivers a revolutionary breakthrough for Brands. Now, for the first time ever, Brands can deploy their own self-contained networked digital signs independent of the retailer’s in-store technology infrastructure and IT staff. Brands can be in control of delivering their own messages and promotions to every store, on every shelf where their products are displayed. Messages can be scheduled and deployed that are concurrent with seasonal events, promotional campaigns, competitive price changes, or holiday specials.

A Promotional Breakthrough for Retailers: The MediaTile solution delivers a revolutionary breakthrough for Retailers by enabling them to quickly add networked digital signage merchandising programs without massive investments in in-store technology infrastructure. Retailers can immediately realize new sources of in-store merchandising revenue. The system can schedule promotions across all displays in all stores by category, by product line, or by specific locations such as “end caps”. With these flexible placement options, retailers can significantly increase the value, and prices, of their merchandising catalog components.

A Promotional Breakthrough for Narrowcasters: The MediaTile solution delivers a revolutionary breakthrough for Narrowcasters of all types by providing a lower-cost and more flexible way to deploy and manage networked digital signage without on-site infrastructure. The MediaTile solution provides a ready-made merchandising and marketing machine for companies interested in reaching location-based audiences.

About The MediaTile Company
The MediaTile Company provides software and services for media management, media delivery and device control over cellular networks, and is the world’s first provider of cellular digital signage solutions. We eliminate the one barrier to deploying networked digital signage – costly and complex on-site infrastructure- with our patent pending ZITI architecture and MediaCast System. Now for the fist time ever, more companies can use networked digital signs, in more places to directly influence customer purchase decisions. Its MediaCast System requires zero-on-site-infrastructure, works with industry-standard displays of all sizes, and empowers your marketing teams to deploy digital promotions at anytime, to anyplace. Contact MediaTile at (831) 439-8786, info@mediatile.com or http://wwww.mediatile.com.