Keith Kelsen explains that the days of paper-based signage are numbered

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Keith Kelsen explains that the days of paper-based signage are numbered.

June 2008  Worldwide digital signage deployments continue to outpace analyst expectations, with the overall market doubling nearly every two years. Why? Simply put, digital signage broadcast networks are extremely effective at delivering messages and influencing consumers.

What is most significant about this new medium is its ability to deliver a greater degree of relevance and directly connect with a viewer to invoke an immediate response and action. With digital signage, you can create an emotional connection with consumers and attach your brand to their lives, which in turn creates loyalty and builds brand equity. Consumers can be educated and entertained while waiting in line, giving you the ability to promote services and intensify the customer relationship. Digital signage also eliminates the costs and waste associated with printing, delivering and ensuring that paper-based signage is implemented across all branches. Across the industry, nearly sixty percent of paper signs are not displayed at the right time or in the right place. Delivering your message is assured with digital signage.

Technology choices are critical when it comes to evaluating and selecting a digital signage system and provider. It is vital that you look closely at the complete, end-to-end solution. Many vendors offer systems that are configured from a number of disparate components that include displays, servers and additional networking gear –all of which must be set up and configured at each location. This is where MediaTile separates itself. MediaTile is the proud recipient of the 2008 Digital Signage Technology of the Year Award from independent analyst Frost & Sullivan, for its fully integrated, cellular and web-based system. With our Digital-Sign-in-a-Box system and web-based control center, MediaTile delivers an end-to-end digital signage solution that simply requires power.

MediaTile displays are all-in-one systems, each of which fully integrates a high-definition LCD display, media player, and built-in cellular broadband services. The entire system is controlled from a secure Broadcast Portal, accessible from a PC with a web-browser. Our cellular-based digital signage technology delivers a huge business and technology advantage for all of our clients. First and foremost, with integrated cellular internet services, individual displays do not need to be connected to an on-site network, although they can be if required. This means the existing, and highly private, local area network within each bank remains uncompromised by the digital signage network, thus reducing any bandwidth impact or potential security threats to the bank. Finally, no additional on-site IT support or services are required to keep the signage network up and running.

Unlike traditional communication mediums such as television, radio, and print advertising, digital signage networks can be used to send specific messages directly to targeted individuals when and where they make their purchase decisions. Promotions can be tuned to specific regions, or even a single location, and matched to the specific demographics of the clientele. The goal: to strengthen brand loyalty while reducing perceived wait-times in teller lines and increase sales of add-on services and financial products. In addition, digital signage has other advantages such as programming displays to run employee training content automatically during off-hours.

Content is absolutely critical. Developing content that is specifically designed for your digital signage broadcast system is fundamental to its success. Concurrent with the deployment of a digital signage network, MediaTile engages clients with its Media Services Division to define a content strategy and ensure the best possible Return on Message (ROM). Having a comprehensive content strategy and implementation plan that follows our Content Best Practices for Banking will ensure the success of your digital signage network.

    * Cellular Digital Signage – Just Add Power
    * Web-based Broadcast Portal – Centralized Control
    * Banking Content – Industry Best Practices
    * Increase sales with high-impact promotions
    * Reduce perceived wait times with entertaining content
    * Create brand equity with an emotional connection
    * Train staff outside of banking hours
    * Cut down on printing expenses, waste and clutter
    * Target messages to neighborhoods and regions

As CEO of MediaTile, Keith Kelsen has built a world-class digital signage company with deployments in more than 25 countries. For three decades he has held executive positions as CEO, producer and director, creating commercials, documentaries, and television programs that have aired internationally on HBO, TBS and PB. Mr. Kelsen is also Chairman for the Content Best Practices Committee for the Digital Signage Association and has received over 20 content awards.

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